Finding Healthcare as a Freelancer?

Set the stage for freelancing. Maybe you are looking for a change in your work environment or you want to be your own boss. Maybe due to COVID-19, you have been laid off from your company and questioning, “now what”? Some of you heard about freelancing from a friend, and many of you have been hustling for several years now. Whatever it was that led you to freelancing, you’re now devoted to living life and working on your own terms. You want the flexibility, control, and ability to create your own path. If you are like most of this Independent Population, your start was filled with the refreshing feelings of freedom. But then the topic and fear of healthcare and benefits pops back into your scope. You start asking yourself the hard questions.

“How am I going to get myself covered?” 

“How can I insure and protect my family now that I don’t have my company’s insurance plan?”

“Can I even afford healthcare as a freelancer?”

indipop can guide you through this unchartered road.  

These are important questions you need answers to and we are here to help. You’re taking that leap to become your own boss and this change of employment can bring some uncertainty. You’re choosing a path that has few to no guides, and you must now navigate your new normal on your own.

There are many options for benefits and services. Oftentimes this makes it confusing and hard to delineate and choose.

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What’s the solution?

indipop negotiates and customizes plans designed for you and your needs. Traditional insurance can have high premiums and deductibles for independent contractors or freelancers. indipop’s network access to affordable healthcare plans. In most cases we will save you hundreds of dollars every month, adding up to thousands saved every year.

For example, one freelancer was quoted $1,500/month for a premium with a $16,000 deductible on a traditional insurance plan. Through the indipop network, their membership is $883/month with a $0 deductible. And his savings is $7,000 for the year,, money that he can use to grow his business, pay off bills or even save!

How does a health membership differ from traditional insurance?

The majority of the care you need is delivered in an EverydayCare membership, which provides real savings, better access, and more time with a physician. The Care Logistics team surrounds members as they go through their healthcare journeys. This team works with and for the members—making all the difficult parts of healthcare easy! The team is on call 24/7/365. Furthermore, there are no copays and no deductibles. Our partners put the focus on providing the right care at the right price, eliminating unnecessary medical administrative waste. You are the focus of every aspect of your health journey, from care to cost.

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Where does indipop fit in?

Being part of the independent population shouldn’t be an obstacle to affordable healthcare.

As an independent contractor, we know you are busy and have many things to deal with on a daily basis. We strive to make healthcare one of the topics you don’t have to stress about as either a new freelancer or a veteran. We keep it quick and easy, you start by choosing who the plan is for, review the options and enroll in a plan in minutes. These plans provide corporate benefits without the corporate rates.

You are not an ordinary 9-5 person, so why have ordinary healthcare?

Our innovative partner is focused on putting you first in every aspect of your health journey, from care to cost.  Being part of the independent population shouldn’t be an obstacle to affordable healthcare.

Together we’re a network you can benefit from. By joining the indipop community, you can stop worrying about your healthcare and get back to what you love doing most!

So, can you afford healthcare as a freelancer? Yes!

With indipop you can put money back in your pocket and eliminate the stress and headache of searching for affordable healthcare. You work on your hustle and let us worry about the benefits.

Learn more about our options and explore the plans at indipop!



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