indipop Member Spotlight: Beth Lauren

Each indipop member is unique, but one thing unites them together and that is they decided to follow their dreams and go out on their own.  Get to know our members better and learn more about who they are and what they do.

Meet Beth Lauren, a New Yorker who is following her passion of Ayurvedic medicine and helping others live their best life.  Like most freelancers Beth’s path is not a straight line and includes many experiences that led her up to her latest achievement of author.

Creating and running a business as a solopreneur

I’m am Ayurveda Wellness Counselor, and an author. I spent years raising money, first as an independent film producer and more recently as a Development Director for non-profit organizations. Constantly asking people to invest or donate can contribute to burnout and emotional exhaustion. I’ve always been a fan of alternatives to one-size-fits-all Western medications and procedures, and I discovered the simple and effective Ayurvedic lifestyle while at an ashram for a yoga weekend more than 20 years ago. I decided to pursue Ayurveda as a career because I always enjoyed both cooking healthy meals for friends and family and giving them practical, usable lifestyle advice.

Additionally, I’m also a sexual assault survivor and I’ve spent a lifetime as a practitioner of modalities that integrate mind, body and spirit, Ayurveda is a very good one! My memoir detailing my recovery from PTSD drops this month, it’s called Reeling: Misadventures in Moviemaking, Money and Love.

What was a major hurdle you had and how did you solve for it?  

Time management is always a challenge. Like many solopreneurs, I often take freelance assignments to allow me the financial freedom to bootstrap my business, which is growing to include my own line of Ayurvedic supplements and teas, Sangha NYC. My solution is pretty basic, but efficient. I set three major goals for the day within each area of my life: Sangha tasks, personal including working out or financial planning, and work for my clients.

Planning for the what-ifs with a healthshare.

The NY health insurance market is not friendly to the solopreneur. Decent coverage is as unaffordable as private healthcare. Having a healthshare and indipop there to help navigate costs and advocate for me is invaluable.

You can find more info about Beth and Sangha here 


indipop team
indipop team

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