indipop Member Spotlight: The Jones Family

Each indipop member is unique, but one thing unites them together and that is they decided to follow their dreams and go out on their own.  Get to know our members better and learn more about who they are and what they do.

Jones Communications is the family business of Michael and Cara Jones.  Originally Midwesterners, they’ve lived in Phoenix over 20 years and raised their family here.  Michael is a writer and marketer, Cara is an educator and health coach, and Jones Communications incorporates all of their skills and experience for marketing and communications consulting, tutoring, and health coaching. 

Creating and Running A Business As A Solopreneur

Jones Communications helps craft and execute go-to-market strategies for technology firms seeking to accelerate sales, open new markets, and elevate their customer experiences.  

Jones Communications unites Michael’s and Cara’s services under a professional brand and operating structure, partnering with other marketing and coaching leaders to support their clients.

What advice do you have for people who want to be self employed?  What was a major hurdle you had and how did you solve for it?  

As a younger person, building the network and experiences to successfully leap to self-employment can be daunting.  But with greater experience and a wider network of personal and professional connections, self-employment can be a fulfilling and lucrative alternative to traditional jobs.  By focusing upon your strengths and talents, honing those into a business practice—products or services—that can be shared and monetized, and then delivering the highest quality you can to your clients is incredibly satisfying.  In a gig-economy where W2 work is often unstable, unsatisfying, or under-paying, well-designed self-employment can deliver the control, freedom, and prosperity that traditional employment simply cannot match.  

But there are still significant obstacles to success.  Finding a work/life balance is even more difficult for self-employed people, and achieving larger goals through team endeavors can be harder to accomplish if you are independent or limited by a small team.  And, of course, funding your business, understanding the operating processes beyond specifically producing and delivering your product or service can be overwhelming for new solopreneurs and entrepreneurs.  Seeking out and connecting with reliable advisors is critical—starting with perhaps a business attorney, a CPA, likely a financial advisor, and certainly someone with experience launching a business in your industry or field, can greatly help overcome early troubles with customers, finances, markets, messaging, operations, and growth.

Planning for the What-Ifs with A Healthshare, what was important to you and your family for a plan?

 Since moving to indipop, we have greatly enjoyed working with Melissa and exploring the fresh perspective and approach of healthsharing.  We have saved a tremendous amount of money using indipop’s Redirect Health program, and are pleased with the new process for engaging healthcare providers and costs.  As a small family business, obtaining effective, affordable health insurance has long been a challenge but finding Melissa at indipop—and her Redirect Health plan—has been an incredible boon to the Joneses!

On Cara’s side of the business, she brings a Master’s in Education and over 25 years of classroom teaching and tutoring experience to help students in middle school, high school, and college improve their writing, test-taking, study skills, and research prowess.  She is also a health coach aligned with OPTAVIA—helping people reclaim their health and improve their lifestyle.



indipop team
indipop team

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