What I Learned While Traveling 5,000 Miles

I recently took to the road on a cross-country trip to meet current and future indipop members. We met SO MANY freelancers, contractors, and small business owners along the way and got to know them and their unique struggles.  My pup and sidekick, Sadie was along for the ride in her indipup t-shirt 🙂

From rural towns to densely populated cities here are 3 things I learned and it raised some questions too.

  1. People relocated in the last two years, a lot! Covid propelled the remote working environment, people could live in cities they desired, and the motto of “have laptop will travel” had people moving all over the country. Austin, for example, I attended an event of 40 and 50% of the room relocated from another state within the year. Just 1 small event, that’s a lot of new faces in one room and a lot of new medical providers that this group needs to find. 

    I’m curious, have you moved in the past year and are still without a dentist, specialist, or primary care doc? Is it a lack of time to research or hard finding a top-rated provider? Small network? Other?
  2. It didn’t matter what part of the south,  we heard the same top pain point for small businesses, specifically teams under 10, healthcare is expensive! 

    I’m curious if you are still in the job market and a small business offered a higher salary for your role or offered healthcare with the standard salary which would you prefer? So far the linkedin poll is showing a higher salary slightly ahead of healthcare benefits, 


  1. Lastly, this was highlighted in the bigger cities where you have more diversity in available positions, people left their jobs. Not just roles at companies, but trying out new careers and taking big leaps.  Starting businesses, pursuing passions and this was all ages.  Perhaps the pandemic shook some of us up to seize the day and not wait for the “perfect moment” to go after goals.

    I’m curious, have you been wanting to take a leap, but are nervous, what is holding you back?
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Melissa Blatt

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