Are You Staying At Your Stinkin’ Job For Health Benefits?

How a healthshare can help you kiss the 9-5 goodbye

How many people do you know who are saddled with their soul sucking job because they have to stay for healthcare?

Have you yourself thought about walking out that office door, leaving behind a job that’s boring or worse,  an unhealthy environment? Do you sit at your desk day dreaming about what it would be like to go out on your own? If any of this is true, what’s stopping you? Please don’t let accessing affordable healthcare be the obstacle from pursuing your dreams!

5 Facts about healthshares you need to know before making the leap.

What is it?

Healthsharing is a unique approach to managing your medical needs. It’s different from traditional health insurance because it is available to people in this Independent Population of freelancers, independent contractors, or other “non-traditionally” employed people. Plain and simple, you don’t need a corporate job to qualify for a healthshare.

A healthshare is made up of members who pay a monthly contribution to the community. The community shares the costs of a medical need after the member pays their “responsibility” or set amount. These amounts vary by plan.

What’s included?

Most healthshares include primary care visit options either as a part of the plan or for a lower set fee. You also have access to an open network for your doctors visits, and yes if you want to stay with your doctor that is an option as well. Other benefits include discounted prescriptions, vision, dental and behavioral health.

One way healthshares save on expenses is by leveraging telemedicine. With a healthshare, for example let’s say you have an out of the blue trip leaving the next day and realize you just took the last pill of your prescribed medication.  Don’t fret! You can speak with the care team who can  write that prescription and call it into a 24-hour pharmacy, you are good to go all from the comfort of your home.  Another example that members share is being woken up in the middle of the night by their children with rashes.  Who wants to sit in an ER at 2am? Well you don’t have to, you can use the telemedicine to video with a doctor and explore next steps.

How Do I Know If I Qualify For A Healthshare?

Are you actively taking charge of your health & wellness concerns and can show a track record in caring for your health? Some pre-existing conditions that are well managed can be shared in the first year with the community while others may not. This is an important area to explore before signing on for a healthshare plan.

Is A Healthshare Program Right For You?

The best way to know if a healthshare is a good alternative to traditional health insurance is by exploring these questions:

  1. What’s your typical premium? This tends to increase as you age.

  2. What’s your annual deductible? For example, what do you pay if you break your leg before insurance pays the claim?

  3. What are your regular out-of-pocket expenses? Co-pays, medications, specialists, and double check if ER visits and labs are included in your coverage.

  4. Are you open to telemedicine and virtual doctors? Did you know with telemedicine you can be treated for diarrhea to pink eye all from your cozy bed.

  5. Are you primarily interested in major medical and hospitalization care? A healthshare is a great way to ensure you have something in place for a “what if” medical situation.

Once you add it all up, this is your starting point. If the savings are there, a healthshare plan may make smarter financial sense versus your traditional insurance.

How much does it cost?

No need to crunch numbers and try and squeeze out extra pennies to manage your healthcare needs.  Most healthshare plans are more affordable than traditional health care plans, with lower monthly payments, no deductibles and additional added benefits.


Open enrollment is all year long.

So consider all of these factors if you’re truly staying at your life-sucking job because of your health benefits. Don’t let the future you truly desire to slip from your fingers because you can’t forgo the benefits you need. By exploring all of your options, healthshares included, you can find the best solution to your healthcare needs while pursuing your career of your dreams.

Melissa Blatt is Founder + CEO of indipop, providing healthshare plans for the self-employed. She launched the company after experiencing her own struggles finding affordable healthcare when she left the corporate world and went out on her own.



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