indipop Member Spotlight: Alec Laughlin

Each indipop member is unique, but one thing unites them together and that is they decided to follow their dreams and go out on their own.  Get to know our members better and learn more about who they are and what they do.

Alec Laughlin is a model-turned-entrepreneur turned Instagram sensation who’s been running his men’s skincare product line, Philandry, for 3 years.  He resides in Tucson, Arizona and loves his Ford truck, boxing and living the best life possible.  In this spotlight, Alec tells us in his own words what makes him tick, how he stays in shape, philosophy of aging and  his key to success.

Creating and Running A Business As A Solopreneur

Prior to PHILANDRY I had been working closely with the founder and formulator of another skin care company for a number of years. With that brand’s focus being women’s skincare, it was actually his suggestion that I might want to launch my own men’s line someday. Over time, that notion gestated until the entirety of the concept of PHILANDRY (quite spontaneously, so it seemed) came to light during a long road trip. Thoughts and ideas just seemed to download on the long stretch of highway.  I arrived home and immediately started working on the business plan, registering domains, setting of technical systems, making prototype packaging selections, creating branding and style sheets… it all came together quite quickly at that point. In short time, the concept and plan was to be executed.

Fitness, Health, & Feeling Great After 40 

It seems that once one crosses that milestone of turning forty, the goal with health, fitness, wellness and even skin care, is to look ten years younger. We hear that a lot, right? I honestly think that’s a bunch of crap. My goal with health and fitness is to just keep my body performing to its greatest potential. Or, as close to it as I am able. As a result of really taking care of oneself, one tends to “look younger” as a result, which is a secondary effect and, in my opinion, should never be the focus nor motivator factor.  Or maybe I’d look ten years younger if I shaved the beard. But “embrace the grey” is another of my favorite personal mottos. I also threw the bathroom scale into the dumpster years ago. Those things will f*#k with your head and are no help, in my opinion. With this pandemic, I’ve forgone the gym, of course. But the super clean diet at home has continued, and I’ve set up a make-shift gym at the warehouse with some weights and a punching bag. I haven’t been getting quite as much exercise as before, but am still feeling good.

The Secrets To Finding Success At Any Age

Collaborate. From the very beginning. As much as my business is a one man show, in so many ways it also really isn’t. I collaborate with super creative and talented individuals who elevate everything in a way that would simply not be achievable if I attempted to do it all myself. Collaboration is incredibly inspiring to me, in all fields of business and life. For example, I just got back from working on a shoot for the new Chevy Silverado. The production team was absolutely top notch. Totally pros. As one of the talent on a gig, I get to observe (and play a modest role) in the collaboration that makes a production like that a great success. Each person there is a specialist. From wardrobe to stylist, creative director to photographer, client to producer. Each provides a critical element necessary for a successful shoot. I love being a part of all that. And I bring the derived inspiration and learning back to my own project and labor of love, PHILANDRY as I plan the next set of creative for the brand. So yeah… collaborate as much as possible, from brainstorming to execution.

Planning for the What-Ifs with A Healthshare

Oh… let’s see…

Just trying to navigate traditional health care is so difficult anymore. I honestly still don’t even know what’s available to me out there, after jumping through hoops with ACA and such, never getting an answer. I don’t even know how one goes about getting traditional health insurance nowadays, unless it is through ones employer.

Yes Alex is a man of many talents, he also models and is a photographer. You can follow Alec and visit Philandry here.



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