Redefining the 9-5 with The Upside!

The Upside helps consultants advance their business and thrive. Their mission is to “change the way working works in America.” Their founder and CEO Erin Halper has advised more than 1,000 professionals on how to redefine the 9-5 by building a respected consultancy practice that generates consistent clients and affords them the freedom of working when, where and how they want. In addition, The Upside has connected its members to hundreds of client, referral, podcast, press, panelist and speaking opportunities, helping members to position themselves as thought leaders and experts, as well as generate premium clients.

Check out our feature in their magazine at:

We’re so excited to work together to better serve our communities, and our partnership includes some exclusive perks! You can use the code indipop15 to receive 15% off any one-on-one advisory session with Erin Halper.

Stay tuned to see what we do together next!



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