Subscription-based healthcare is revolutionizing the healthcare industry, and it’s happening just in time.

If there is one thing we’ve learned over the last two years, it’s that life, finances, and health can change in the blink of an eye. In addition to that, The Great Resignation has inspired millions to make a leap and switch careers or take their future into their own hands and pursue their dreams of being their own boss. It’s more important now than ever to have healthcare coverage, but how do you get coverage without working for a big business? As the economy fluctuates and the wave of layoffs increases, is there a way to solve for one of the greatest pain points we face in the United States- quality affordable healthcare?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are challenged yearly with providing healthcare for themselves and their teams.  Navigating the confusing and complicated world of health insurance is time-consuming, frustrating, expensive, and constantly changing. Outrageous deductibles, hidden fees, in-network, out-of-network, contracts… nobody has time for reading the fine print when running a business.

The 2020 shutdowns were a turning point not only in healthcare but in life. More people were starting to understand the power of technology, and how it could be used for good, by bringing people together from far distances and connecting us with our vital healthcare providers. Many healthcare professionals turned to telehealth visits to keep patients and staff safe. Having the option to have a virtual visit meant no waiting rooms and a more relaxed atmosphere while speaking with your provider via a mobile phone or desktop. They found a large majority of people who typically would put off going to the doctor or missing work were utilizing this form of technology and getting the medical assistance they needed.  Providers were also able to meet with people who lived in rural areas and through new pharmacy programs have medications mailed directly to the patient.

What Is Subscription Healthcare?

Subscription healthcare offers an alternative to traditional insurance with high-value healthcare plans at an affordable monthly and annual cost. It allows people to buy the coverage they need for as long as they need it,   This approach to healthcare provides flexibility to enroll at any time of the year, offers multiple options to their team no matter what the employment status is, and provides portability to use the same benefits state to state, perfect for travel and kids going off to college.   It remains transparent about costs for major medical and everyday care needs and best of all, there’s a care team there to help you navigate your medical needs so you are never alone trying to figure out providers, bills, and routes for care.

Three common forms of subscription-based healthcare are:

  • Direct Primary Care covers a specific amount of primary care visits for one flat fee.  This may could be virtual visits or may include in-person visits as well.
  • App-Based Care, which is a form of telemedicine accessed via a smartphone app or computer
  • Membership Medicine offers a concierge care service that acts as your personal guide to ensure the best quality of care

Subscription healthcare opens the doors for affordability, accessibility, and flexibility regardless of the time or place.

Healthcare the way it should be

Each person has specific wants and needs when it comes to healthcare, yet insurance companies have one size fits all solutions.  We have become a billing number and membership ID, not a person needing care. With insurance, it boils down to claim codes and coverage.  For the most part, unless you’re paying them or owe them money, they don’t care about you. With a subscription plan, you are more than an ID card and your providers have the flexibility to provide the best care not dictated by an insurance provider.

Subscription-based healthcare may call their first point of contact, care logistics, membership services, or concierge care.  They are there to assist in your medical needs.  They know you as you— not just as a source of income. They’ll work for you to ensure that you’re treated like the VIP you are.   Whether you’re sitting in your backyard and need a topical steroid for poison ivy or across the nation suffering from a sprained ankle, you’ll have access to the treatment you need and with a majority of plans, this will be at $0!

Healthcare is finally getting personal, which is something that it should have been all along.

You don’t have to pay a fortune to receive quality healthcare

Two key factors affect the cost of healthcare: inflated insurance rates and inflated prescription costs. This has led to millions going without healthcare or medication. There is a sore spot in the country where one makes too much money for subsidized health insurance from the government, but not enough to cover the astronomical costs of traditional health insurance. Subscription healthcare fills that void to ensure everyone can get the quality healthcare they can afford.

Innovation in the healthcare space has new startups focused on the subscription-based healthcare niche, they have made it their mission to offer the best, most affordable, and accessible health coverage they possibly can. Whether it’s spending hours checking the Medical Blue Book to be sure you get a fair price on procedures or cutting the fluff profits from life-saving medications, these startups care about your health and wellness.

With subscription-based healthcare they’re people, just like you, and understand your ever-evolving needs. That’s why they will do whatever it takes to ensure you have affordable, easy-to-understand, world-class health services while getting to know you personally. By offering another approach to managing healthcare needs these companies are achieving this goal with millions of people switching each year from conventional insurance and exploring a subscription plan that fits their budget and their lifestyle.

To learn more about the right fit for your needs reach out to indipop today or 480-818-5489


Melissa Blatt

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