Is it too good to be true?

Is It Too Good To Be True?

When some people hear about indipop, they ask if it's too good to be true. They wonder if healthshares are legitimate, and the good news is that they are!

What is indipop?

indipop is a healthshare  curation company that researches dozens of plans and personally vets them to ensure the highest quality for the best price. indipop curates high-value healthshares also known as cost-sharing or subscription healthcare and puts them in one place. We make sure the healthshare is simple, affordable, has other great services, and has no lifetime sharing or annual sharing caps. indipop aims to simplify the healthcare coverage process for individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

Healthshares are an alternative to traditional insurance. Instead of paying a premium and deductible with additional out-of-pocket costs throughout the year, a healthshare is made up of members who pay a monthly contribution to the community. The community shares the costs of a medical need after the member pays their “responsibility,” or a set amount. 

How reliable is indipop?

Many health sharing plans have been around for decades and have established a track record of providing quality, transparent healthcare coverage. However, individuals considering health sharing should carefully research and understand the risks and limitations associated with this alternative to traditional health insurance. It is important to thoroughly review the plan’s guidelines and requirements, as well as the track record of the organization before joining.

Healthshares aren’t regulated by the Affordable Care Act and health sharing organizations are not subject to the same consumer protections and regulations as health insurance companies. It falls on each health sharing organization to provide straightforward and ethical health sharing options and for each consumer to do their homework on the organization. 

Because of this, indipop carefully inspects all healthshare plans to ensure that they meet stringent qualifications before offering them. Each healthshare plan is vetted against criteria to ensure that they are high quality, reliable, trustworthy, transparent, and affordable. The indipop difference is that we care.

indipop founder Melissa Blatt has created a fantastic presentation addressing the red flags to watch for regarding healthshares and what makes indipop different. You can also read some of indipop’s member testimonials here, here, and here to see how indipop goes above and beyond for its members.

The customizability of indipop plans

Some healthshare plans are affiliated with different religious groups. However, indipop plans do not have a statement of faith or are tied to a specific religion. indipop plans are open to ALL, regardless of faith, religion, or spiritual belief. In addition to being available to everyone.

indipop plans offer:

  • A team to help guide and navigate care available to you 24/7
  • Identical benefits state to state
  • Large or open networks
  • Transparent fair medical pricing
  • Enrollment all year long
  • 20-70% savings monthly and annually vs traditional health coverage
  • No lifetime or annual caps on indipop plans
  • No reimbursement model
  • Shareable maternity under $4k to have your baby while on the plan
  • Major medical/hospitalization coverage
  • Annual wellness exams
  • Inclusive or discounted primary care
  • Mental health coverage
  • Options for vision and dental coverage
  • Health savings accounts
  • Wellness discounts
  • Chiropractic care
  • Health plans in all 50 states
  • And more!


You can take our quiz here or click the image below to see if an indipop plan would be right for you.

Is an indipop plan right for you? Take the quiz!

Health sharing organizations can be a viable option for some individuals and families who are looking for an alternative to traditional health insurance. Healthshares may offer significantly lower monthly premiums than traditional health insurance plans, and some people may appreciate the sense of community and shared responsibility that is central to health sharing. It is important to thoroughly research and understand the risks and limitations associated with healthshare plans.

Healthshare plans through indipop are carefully vetted and highly customizable. You’re never seen as just a membership number. You’re a person with unique needs, and indipop cares. 

Schedule a call today to see what indipop can do for you!


Melissa Blatt

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